We joined Human On A Stick and Segway Mastermind, Thomas, for an unforgettable adventure through the streets of Minneapolis

Image by Cassidy Fischer

By Cassidy Fischer

Flying through the streets of Minneapolis at a whopping speed of 12.5 mph feels pretty nice on a crisp, sunny fall day. Learning more history about Minneapolis than I did throughout grade school also feels pretty nice (thanks, Human on a Stick!).

Learning how to ride one of these contraptions was surprisingly easy. As someone who has relatively no balance, I can promise you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Riding from the smooth sidewalks to the rough terrain of Downtown Minneapolis, we really tested our newfound Segwaying skills and the build of these futuristic devices. Being granted my Segway License from Eileen Forward, how will I ever walk again?

Fun Fact: After you fall in love with the Segway and all its powers, you can buy one for yourself. Ask your tour guide for details.

View Overlooking Lake Como

Image by Cassidy Fischer

We set out to a “Training Area” across the street from Human On A Stick's Northeast Minneapolis location. We rode around until Thomas believed we were skilled enough to head out onto the open road—and let me tell you, riding a Segway takes some getting used to. Growing up you learn how to walk, ride a bike and maybe you got adventurous and learned how to skateboard, snowboard or surf, but this was unlike anything I've ever done before. I definitely needed to think about where my body was leaning while I got acquainted with my new friend, Ruth (all the Segways are named. I had Ruth and my friend, Elyse, had Ruby).

“I feel like a baby deer on wheels,” I said as I took my first practice lap in our training area. I gained confidence as we took turns practicing getting on and off our new rides, practicing turning left and right and using our body weight to go uphill and downhill. From there, the adventure, learning and fun began.

Stopping to learn about St. Anthony Main, the Stone Arch Bridge, Mill City Museum, Boom Island and every place in between kept us engaged, laughing and flabbergasted by how many facts we were learning—don’t worry Thomas, I won’t give anymore information away so people will have to take the tour to learn more (wink).

Bring your whole family, your friends and your co-workers for a twist on a traditional Minneapolis tour. Get the hands on feel, rock the helmet hair and wave to all the pedestrians as you roll by on the future of transportation.

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