From its bustling downtown to quiet neighborhoods, Minneapolis has it all.

Ask a resident what makes Minneapolis an exciting place to call home, and you’ll probably need to clear your schedule. Headlining this conversation will likely be the great outdoors, including the Chain of Lakes and a beautiful park system, its ability to live in harmony with the environment, and the mouth-watering dishes and beverages served at a variety of award-winning restaurants and breweries. Plus, it’s a place where strangers will say “Hello” as they pass each other walking down the street or wave at one another at a four-way stop, insisting that the other driver go first.

Nicknamed the “City of Lakes” for good reason, residents and visitors can visit and play at more than 20 pristine lakes, streams, wetlands and rivers—perfect for anyone who likes to get out and explore. It is this abundance of water that helped the city power its way to being one of the biggest flour producers in the world back in its infancy. But as the city matured, it traded its flour and sawmills for skyscrapers and a downtown bursting with life, supplying residents with a healthy list of world-class entertainment, culinary and career options.

Speaking of downtown, all you have to do is look one story up to see one of the city’s greatest attractions—the skyway system. Connecting over nine miles worth of buildings, this climate-controlled environment is the largest continuous skyway system in the world, spanning more than 69 city blocks. Thanks to these above ground tunnels, staying out of the cold does not get much easier during the winter months—nor does frequenting the myriad shops and restaurants along its path. One can go to work in the morning and make it from one end of downtown to the other without having to brave the elements until they make their way home at the end of the day.

Each neighborhood of Minneapolis has its own personality, creating a unique blend of vastly different looks and feels. If you crave the nightlife scene, downtown is the place to be with its numerous nightclubs, bars and live music venues. If you have an affinity for craft brews and an appreciation for the arts, Northeast Minneapolis will serve you well, and you will find the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus nearby. People walking the sidewalks and streets of the North Loop will find themselves among industrial-chic lofts and condos, Target Field—home of the Minnesota Twins—and trendy boutiques. Uptown was made for outdoor enthusiasts with its many lakes and trails, and south Minneapolis is one of the city’s best kept secrets with its abundant restaurants hidden within residential neighborhoods.


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