Pedal your way through Downtown St. Paul to see a mix of architectural landmarks, historic houses and charming local breweries

By Claire Noack

Venture across town and visit Minneapolis’ sister city, St. Paul, for a host of local restaurants and bars, museums and historic sites, and superb craft breweries. The Downtown St. Paul metropolis boasts riverfront views and plenty of charming neighborhood streets. While biking around the city, keep an eye out for architectural beauties including the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Landmark Center and Minnesota State Capitol, along with hidden treasures like the Peanuts statues in Rice Park and the St. Paul farmers’ market in Lowertown.

While getting from Summit Brewing Co. to Downtown St. Paul is a bit of a trek, this Twin Cities beer giant an absolute must-visit. The brewing veteran was making a name for itself 25 years before taprooms were allowing in the state, and is one of the biggest names in Minnesota-based beer. Take a seat in their beer hall and sip on their crowd-pleasing suds. Then follow the Mississippi as it bends north towards downtown. Located on West Seventh Street, you’ll find a number of pubs, local eateries and Bad Weather Brewing Co. The cozy environment and wide variety of seasonal, cask and nitro beers, plus housemade sodas, will keep you coming back, no matter the forecast.

Take a break from pedaling through downtown and grab some pub fare and a cask conditioned or pushed beer made from “holy” waters at Great Waters Brewing Co., located on the original site of the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Ride over to Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. where brewing and engineering combine to produce experimental flavors of your favorite beer varieties. Barrel Theory Beer Co. serves up barrel-aged beer in a unique limestone-lined cellar just blocks from the Saint Paul Saints’ CHS Field, while recently opened 12welve Eyes Brewing takes a modern twist on its Lowertown lounge. Finally, make your way just outside of the downtown area to Flat Earth Brewing Co., whose laid-back taproom and fresh brews make it the perfect way to conclude a brewery bike tour of St. Paul.

Best time to start pedaling: Thursday or Friday starting at 4 p.m., or Saturday starting at noon.


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