Brewery Biking Tours

Brewery Biking Tours

Explore the Twin Cities from the seat of a bicycle and sip on craft beers at local breweries around the metro. Whether you’re looking for a longer bike ride with a few brewery stops along the way, or a path with a little less biking and a little more drinking, we’ve got a brewery bike tour to meet all of your hopes and dreams.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to a prolific brewery scene, with new additions popping up annually. There are so many local taprooms, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all on our lists. We stuck with ones that formed a good cycling route and served solely housemade brews to keep the experience authentic. Feel free to customize our suggested routes and visit as many, or as few, breweries as you please.

If you are in need of a ride, our local bike sharing program, Nice Ride MN, has got you covered with more than 200 docking stations around the Twin Cities. And if you have any suggestions for other watering holes in Minneapolis or St. Paul, tweet us @visittwincities. We’re always on the hunt for new places to sip local.

Note: Some of our suggested tours include up to 10 breweries. While tempting, ordering a round at each stop would probably not be the best idea for some people. Visit Twin Cities advocates for the responsible consumption of alcohol and bike safety. Our suggestion—grab a bite to eat along the way (many taprooms either serve their own snacks or have food trucks in the evenings) and drink water to stay hydrated. There’s no harm in enjoying the atmosphere of a brewery without a beer in hand, and many of them serve mocktails or other tasty non-alcoholic drinks to sip on. Happy pedaling!

Brewery Tour Neighborhoods

U of M/St. Paul Brewery Biking Tour

Northeast Minneapolis Brewery Biking Tour

Downtown Minneapolis Brewery Biking Tour

Uptown Brewery Biking Tour

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