Segways put a whole new spin on the city tour.

See the wonders of the Twin Cities on a stick. No, we’re not talking about Minnesota State State Fair grub. We’re talking about you gracing a segway and zooming around town for an insider’s look at the heart and soul of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

For those of you that don’t know, a segway is a futuristic-looking mode of transportation. The two-wheeled contraption operates according to the way a rider shifts his or her weight. Lean forward, the segway goes faster, and vice versa. Mobile Entertainment (more commonly referred to as Minnesota Segway Tours or Human On a Stick) offers segway tours from March through November. On their Magical History Tour, you’ll learn all about the Minneapolis riverfront area dating all the way back to 10,000 BC. Or check out their history tour of St. Paul’s vibrant Lowertown neighborhood.


125 SE Main St.
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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