How many fish do you think our 10,000 lakes hold?

Image by Tom Dunn Photography

Need some fodder for a new fish tale? Head to one of the many lakes, streams, rivers and ponds in the Twin Cities and cast your line. Whether you’re angling for a particular gilled guppy (our lakes are known for walleye) or enjoying some casual catch and release, you are sure to enjoy a day of fishing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Boat Fishing

Many lakes in the Twin Cities have public access slips where you can easily launch your boat and get out on the water for a day of fishing.

Dock & Pier Fishing

In spite of shallow waters, Minnesota’s lakes are a treasure trove of indigenous fish.

Pier on Lake Pepin

Fly Fishing

Looking for a place to practice your 10 o’clock cast? The Twin Cities have plenty of lakes and rivers that are perfect destinations for fly-fishing.

Forest Lake

Take a boat out on the lake for a variety of local catches.

Lake Harriet

Grab a meal or have a picnic on the banks of this picturesque lake, known for its walleye fishing.

Lake Independence

This giant lake is perfect for water sports of all kinds.

Lake Minnetonka

An optimal fishing lake, both on the boat and on the shore.


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