Urban Biking

Zoom past skyscrapers, across bridges with riverfront views, and around historic neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. With hundreds of miles of on- and off-road bikeways, this is an urban cyclist’s dream come true.

For a fun city biking experience hop on the Midtown Greenway. Well-maintained trails give you a taste of Minneapolis from the Mississippi River to Uptown and the Chain of Lakes area—all without having to worry about busy vehicle traffic. Stop in at Freewheel Bike Shop, located in the middle section trail, and enjoy ethnic food and goods at nearby Midtown Global Market. The Greenway even connects to the Hiawatha LRT Trail, providing access to the University of Minnesota and over the freeway into downtown Minneapolis.

Another way to get to know the city from the seat of your bike is on the Grand Rounds Bike Trails. Clocking in at over 51 miles, this extensive system of trails will have you cycling past historic homes, Nicollet Island, St. Anthony Falls, the famed Stone Arch Bridge, Minnehaha Falls, the Weisman Art Museum, Victory Memorial Parkway, which honors soldiers of World War I, and more.

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