You’re never too young or old to paint at these Twin Cities studios

By Kerry Roberson

You may not be the next van Gogh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make masterpieces of your own. There are plenty of studios in the Twin Cities where you can trade your stress for a paintbrush and let your inner creative mind roam across pottery or a canvas. Spending time connecting with family and friends over a canvas, mug or plate designed by your very own hands is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and walk away with something that’ll last for years to come.

Wine and Canvas

This studio in Northeast Minneapolis guides you step-by-step to create a beautiful image. Plus there is delicious food and wine to enjoy while you put paint to canvas. At Wine and Canvas, there is a large selection of paintings you can make. Their calendar will tell you what that day’s painting is so you know ahead of time what the instructor will be helping you create.

Grey Fox Pottery

Paint your own mugs, bowls and plates at this local pottery studio in the St. Anthony Main neighborhood of Minneapolis. Not only can you paint at Grey Fox Pottery, you can also have your creation custom designed with sayings and images of your choice. Sip your morning coffee or serve your favorite dish on pottery designed and painted by you!

Simply Jane

Can’t decide if you want to paint a canvas or pottery? Try Simply Jane in South Minneapolis, where you can attend a guided canvas painting session or go during their drop-in time, where you can paint a canvas or choose something from their selection of accessories including glassware, pottery, lazy susans, picture frames and more.

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