The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport lands ninth place on the top 10 list for on-time summer travel

By Lauren DeLapa

With summer in full swing, families and frequent fliers alike are beginning to flood airports across the country. The surge in summer travel brings its own baggage of increased flight delays, but for the traveler coming to and from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, an easy-going experience should be expected.

Best in the Midwest
Ranking in at No. 9, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport earned its spot on the list of Best Airports for On-Time Summer Travel. MSP International Airport was deemed one of “the best in the Midwest” with a 79.6 percent on-time arrival rate, an almost 13 percent difference when compared to the Worst Airport for On-Time Summer Travel, Newark–Liberty.

MSP International Airport has not only been applauded for its speedy summer service but has been the recipient of many reputable awards throughout the years. Travel + Leisure ranked the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport No. 5 on their list of World’s Best Airports, and the Airports Council International listed MSP as a 2016 Airport Service Quality winner along with the listing of “Best Food and Beverage Program in North America.” The airport has even been acknowledged for having the best public restrooms in America after winning Cintas America’s Best Restroom contest last year.

First Class Cuisine
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has plenty to offer the summer traveler outside of decreased delays and satisfactory service. MSP International Airport has 27 full-service restaurants spread across its two terminals, accompanied by a variety of quick-service options for those on the go.

Some of the best dining Minneapolis has to offer can be found just past airport security. Our recommendations? Try sushi at Shoyu, a burger and fries at TwinBurger or Italian at Volante. And don’t forget dessert at Angel Food Bakery.

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