Socialize, be creative and laugh with all of your Grown-Up friends

Image by Sarah Ascanio

By Kerry Roberson

Introverts, extroverts, fun lovers, amateur thrill seekers and curious wanderers are all welcome at the Grown-Up Club. No matter when you visit the Twin Cities, check the schedule of this monthly activities club for a fun evening out with adults just like you—not the “adulting” type of adults, but the type that want to tell jokes and play games.

July’s event will be a recess game of Capture the Flag at Washburn Fair Oaks Park. Players will meet on July 12 at 6 p.m. outside of the Minneapolis Institute of Art stairs then walk to the nearby park and let the fun begin. Come prepared with comfortable athletic clothing, a water bottle to sip and whatever you need to refuel to capture the flag!

Besides the series of recess games (can you say dodge ball and freeze tag?), the club also holds craft nights, non-denominational holiday gatherings and a recurring Comedy Exchange. At the Comedy Exchange, you randomly pick a short comedy script written by a fellow grown-up and then act it out for maximum hilarity as you see what quirky things they created. It’s light-hearted fun for everyone whether you’re performing or watching.

If stage comedy skits aren’t your thing, keep an eye out for events similar to their Casual Science Fair where people presented their findings on a variety of interesting, funny topics. Projects included how cookies affect people, technology’s effects on science and sending beer cans into space.

Grown-Up Club is about laughing and having fun. It’s a place where you can tickle your sense of adventure and get a little creative. More than that, it’s about staying young at heart even though, well, you’re all grown up.

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