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By Claire Noack & Nora Allen

If you think that the only thing vegans eat is salad, think again. Check out some of the best vegan restaurants in the Twin Cities with food from every type of cuisine. From Indian and Chinese to breakfast and pizza, vegans and vegetarians (and your meat-eating friends) can enjoy a wide-variety of great meals around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Farm-to-Table Cafes/Brunch

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe

With locations in both Uptown and on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue, there’s more farm-to-table inspired food to go around at French Meadow Bakery & Cafe. Organic ingredients are used to create delicious vegan breakfast options like corn pancakes, tofu scramble and granola bowls. Vegan lunch and dinner dishes include chili, tempeh sandwiches and tacos, curry and specialty salads.

Seward Cafe

Serving the Seward neighborhood in south Minneapolis since 1974, Seward Cafe has been offering vegan and vegetarian meals long before the health food craze. The cafe focuses on social and environmental responsibility and uses many locally sourced ingredients. With vegan substitutes for nearly every item on the menu, it’s easy to find something tasty to eat that fits with your food preferences. Try the tofu mock muffin for breakfast, the wizard burger for lunch or a vegan brat for dinner.

J. Selby’s

There is no off-limit items on the menu: Everything is made from plants. No meat, no poultry, pork, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey—nada. While we love seeing the words “brunch” and “BBQ” at J. Selby’s, we’re especially excited about the different vegan bowls such as the Mediterranean, the Asian, and the Pay What You Can, as well as the chickin’ (tofu) nuggets for kids.

Modern Times Cafe

From the mix-and-match dinnerware and eclectic artwork to the local farm-to-table menu, Modern Times Cafe feels like you’re stepping right into the ’70s. Enjoy St. Paul-sourced tea served in vintage mugs, sample one of their kombucha flavors and bring your brunching buddies to split menu items with when you can’t settle on just one.

Reverie Cafe + Bar

Catch the all-day action at Reverie Cafe + Bar. With their breakfast menu in the morning hours, delicious coffee drinks, Cubanos and tacos in the afternoon, frequent music performances and art shows, and more than 40 beers and ciders (including gluten-free options!), this is truly a cafe where you could spend your whole day.

Non-Meat Butcher Shop

The Herbivorous Butcher

Check out the first vegan butcher shop in the U.S., located in Minneapolis, for meat-less meats and cheese-less cheeses. Everything from Italian sausage and BBQ ribs to bacon and jerky is made into 100 percent vegan meat alternatives that satisfy savory desires and help reduce your impact on the environment. The Herbivorous Butcher also supplies an array of cheeses, such as dill Havarti, Camembert and pepper jack, and a selection of crackers, sauces and other vegan products.


Galactic Pizza

Visit this eclectic pizzeria for pies made with vegan crust topped with gourmet mozzarella alternative cheese, meat substitutes and a pile of veggies. Enjoy pizzas like the shroomer, the hipster and the Paul Bunyan for a unique take on everyone’s favorite food. Most specialty pies at Galactic Pizza have vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options, and you can always build your own pizza to get exactly what you are hungry for.

Pizza Lucé

Grab a quick and delicious bite to eat at one of the three Pizza Lucé locations in Minneapolis. They offer a wide range of pizzas, from your classic toppings to mashed potatoes, with an option to make it vegan. Whether you’re dining with fellow herbivores or a few of your omnivore friends tag along, all are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Pizza Nea

A delicious classic with vegan options, Pizza Nea puts a spin on traditional, Italian-style pizza. Order any of their menu items, simply ask to have the pizza “veganized,” and they will use locally-sourced meat-less meat products to craft the same delicious pizza, vegan-style.

Worldly Eats

Namaste Cafe

Indulge in fresh, organic Indian and Nepali cuisine at Namaste Cafe in Uptown. Local ingredients are used to make South-Asian inspired foods, including a long list of vegan and gluten free dishes. Taste some of their specialties, like the coconut curry, tofu mamacha and bheendi masala.

Jasmine 26

Vegans no longer have to say goodbye to pho with this restaurant. Touted as the only Vietnamese restaurant to carry vegetarian soup, Jasmine 26 is restaurant is a must. They carry all of the Vietnamese classics, but offer a vegetarian and vegan spin on their dishes to accommodate for every food preference.

World Street Kitchen

Take one look at World Street Kitchen‘s menu and see an array of international flavors lacing its dishes, including the carmelized lamb belly rice bowls, the Bangkok burritos and the squash and mushroom tacos. Another glance at the menu shows a handy vegan and gluten free symbol that covers almost half of the dishes plus the wonderful words, “can be made vegan.”


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