Hidden Gem of the Twin Cities: Art Shanty Projects

Walk out on the ice to view the eclectic community of art huts, created by local Twin Cities artists

Photo by Claire Noack

By Claire Noack

If you’re an art-lover and/or hipster looking to get your creative juices flowing in the middle of winter, don’t miss out on the Art Shanty Projects on White Bear Lake. Yup, that’s right—the art shanties are literally on the frozen lake. Visitors walk out on the lake to experience this temporary art community and hidden gem of the Twin Cities.

The art huts vary from exceptionally silly to educational to social experiment-esque. Interactive exhibits and colorful performers make art both approachable and fun. Some standouts from this year are the Birdhouse of Arthur J. E. Wren, Slumber Party Shanty and The Justice Shack. I would also recommend visiting the Vehicle of Expression; a literary bus that opens the proverbial writing road to everyone with a variety of activities. Check out the rest of the unforgettable art shanties here.

The art shanties are open every weekend in February from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Don’t miss out on the last weekend happening February 25 & 26. Due to unpredictably warm weather, the shanties may be moved off the ice, but are still worth a visit even without the unique experience of walking out on the ice to view art. | 5050 Lake Ave., White Bear Lake, 612-567-6844,


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