Winery Day Trips to Take this Fall

Winery Day Trips to Take this Fall

It may seem like Minnesota’s harsh winters make it the least likely place to find good wine. On the contrary, our cold weather grapes survive through the snowy season to produce a wide variety of wines. In fact, the business for growing grapes has flourished with ample wineries in the Twin Cities suburbs.

What could be better on a brisk day than buckling up the family for a fall road trip, driving through the brilliant fall foliage, sipping on ruby red and sophisticated white wines, and picking pumpkins or apples at a local farm? Choose from one of our guides below to wet your whistle at local wineries and experience the highlights each city has to offer. Each itinerary includes at least two wineries to visit, plus attractions such as shopping, hiking, dining and family friendly activities to ensure you get the most out of each winery day trip adventure.

Winery Tour Locations



Red Wing


Taylors Falls

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