Upping the ante for science-learning fun in Uptown Minneapolis

With nearly 60 museums in the Twin Cities, it’s hard to note all the places to awaken your senses. But a definite stand-out sits on a hill above Lake Calhoun in Uptown Minneapolis and features “electrifying” interactive exhibits that explore the mysteries of our electrical and magnetic world. The Bakken Museum invites hands-on discovery with a variety of educational and kid-friendly exhibits. Make your hair stand up at Ben Franklin’s Electricity Party or enter Frankenstein’s Laboratory for a spooky 12-minute show telling Mary Shelly’s famous tale of Frankenstein’s monster. Learn about the historic West Winds mansion that houses the museum or take a stroll through the beautiful gardens. With a number of summer camps and programs for children and adults alike, the museum is devoted to making science-learning fun.


3537 Zenith Ave. S.,
Minneapolis, MN 55416


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