With so many luxury apartments, condos and multi-use facilities to choose from, the Twin Cities are perfectly positioned for urban dwellers

Image courtesy of Mill & Main Luxury Apartments

Minneapolis and St. Paul have perfected the art of urban dwelling. Here you will find a balance between city and nature as well as work and play, all while living in the center of it all.

When analyzing key data fueling this downtown living boom, both cities score exceedingly well on walkability, public transit, recent population increases, percentage of new homeownership, entertainment options, arts and cultural attractions and, of course, home availability and affordability.

Both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul are consistently working to improve city living conveniences. From grocery stores to boutique shops and everything in between, downtown residents have all they need to make a life in the heart of the Twin Cities. Plus, with the new METRO Green Line connecting the two downtowns—and destinations beyond—getting around is that much easier.


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