Devoted teachers and a wide variety of programs ensure academic excellence

Education in Minnesota

Minnesota is often recognized as one of the smartest, most well-educated states in the nation. From preK to college, our schools boast hundreds of accolades and educational opportunities abound for learners of all ages, creating one of the richest learning environments in the country.

Public and private grade schools set the foundation for a successful academic career, resulting in a high school graduation rate of 82 percent. Minnesota ranks second in the nation for the number of adults ages 25 to 64 who have earned at least an associate degree, and about a quarter of the adult population has earned their bachelor’s degree. And thanks in large part to advanced education, Minnesota households are also wealthier—the median income is $63,488. That’s about nine percent higher than the national average.

Our region is a world-class leader in raising the bar when it comes to academic standards and outcomes. And the Twin Cities’ educational choices provide a wide variety of options to foster that intellectual growth.

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Academic Excellence

Every parent wants the best for their children—that’s why a top-notch education is an absolute must when choosing a new area to call home. Fortunately for families living in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul schools have consistently ranked among the best education systems in the nation, and Minnesota as a whole ranks No. 10 on the list of states with the best school systems, according to WalletHub.

This is in part due to the Minnesota Governors Education Council drawing up a set of “indicators of success” to help ensure students are not only prepared, but that they excel in their post-secondary plans. Minnesota was the first state to develop these indicators (core proficiency, college readiness and rigorous course taking, graduation rates, and college success indicators), and one of only 10 states to receive a grant to develop statewide goals and benchmarks to measure the success of its students.

Part of this success is due to open enrollment policies. This allows parents the opportunity to send their children to any of an abundance of public schools even if the family lives outside the school’s district. And with focuses ranging from multicultural and immersion to college preparatory and religious studies, parents are able to ensure their children receive targeted educations that cater to their strengths and skills.

All of this is anchored by the University of Minnesota. This world-class institution ranks among the best universities in the nation, and offers students access to 140-plus majors, world-renowned professors, and the hands-on learning students need to graduate and become leaders in a challenging and ever-evolving professional world.

The University of Minnesota is just one of many options. The Twin Cities house dozens of other higher education options dedicated to helping students succeed. The University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University can be found in St. Paul, and Carleton College and St. Olaf College can be found on the outskirts of the metro. All of these institutions are just a stone’s throw from the doorsteps of 17 Fortune 500 companies including Target and 3M.

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