Bring out your inner CIA agent at one of these unique attractions

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By Taylor Weeks and Cassidy Fischer

Strengthen your secret agent skills at one of the Twin Cities’ mysterious escape rooms. Although escape rooms have taken the country by storm, they are still a relatively recent phenomenon—the first American escape room opened in San Francisco in 2012. Inspired by escape room video games, which became popular in the 2000s, developers decided to add more game environment interactivity like finding clues and solving puzzles for a truly immersive storyline.

All escape rooms are based on the simple concept of being locked in one room and needing to find the way out within 60 minutes, whether it’s by finding hidden messages written inside a padlocked case or uncovering a key and finding what it unlocks. If you're really struggling to escape certain peril (think fake alien abductions or nuclear threats), a game supervisor watches the room via video cameras and can communicate with the players through a walkie talkie to give out hints as needed.

Different escape rooms have different atmospheres, so find a theme that piques your imagination and escape before time runs out. Stop the launch of a rogue nuclear missile in Northeast Minneapolis with Riddle Room or walk the halls of an insane asylum at Minneapolis’ Mission Manor. In both St. Paul and Minneapolis, Escape MSP lets you thwart an evil doctor’s plans to infect the world with a blood-borne pathogen virus and Trapped Puzzle Rooms pits you against another team of spies to finish your training. During your day at the Mall of America, get a taste for being an astronaut on Mars at The Escape Game.

If you're wanting even more options, look just outside of the Twin Cities and Mall of America area. Just a short drive away, you can steal a priceless work of art from the Regatta Gala at Puzzle Escape Rooms in Buffalo or get rescued from a stormy canoeing accident in the Boundary Watersnamed a “BWCAccident”at Burnsville’s Twin Cities Escape Rooms. Over in Minnetonka and Edina, free yourself before your kidnappers return at Breakout Minneapolis or search for the lost city of Atlantis at Escape Frenzy.

Anyone can participate in an escape room adventure, and they're perfect for date nights, family events, birthday parties—you name it. Escape rooms are also excellent team-building exercises. Many businesses will bring employees on escape room outings because escape rooms, in addition to being adrenaline-charged, encourage teamwork and innovative thinking. So get collaborative, get creative and get going to find out the truth: Can you escape?


Mission Manor

Riddle Room

Escape MSP - Minneapolis

Escape MSP - St. Paul

Trapped Puzzle Rooms - Uptown

Trapped Puzzle Rooms - St. Paul

Trapped Puzzle Rooms - North Loop

Puzzle Escape Rooms

Twin Cities Escape Rooms

Breakout Minneapolis

Escape Frenzy

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