A haven for artists and their families, Artspace Jackson Flats is an anchor in the art community and Art-A-Whirl 2017

Image courtesy of Artspace Jackson Flats

By Kyle Smelter

The 22nd annual Art-A-Whirl will blanket Northeast Minneapolis in a kaleidoscope of color May 19-21. All throughout the neighborhood, talented and local artists will be showing off their latest and greatest creations at breweries, studios, galleries and various brick-and-mortar establishments, and we here at Visit Twin Cities thought it would be a good idea to provide some background into the lives and histories of each of these art-filled stops so visitors and enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the city’s history and creative genius all at the same time.

Artspace Jackson Flats or, Jac Flats, if you prefer, in Northeast Minneapolis was a $10 million live/work development project built with the goal of achieving low-cost living for artists and their families. But it has become so much more than that. The four-story, 69,000-square-foot building features 35 units of affordable rental housing that has become a living, breathing and thriving creative community built from the ground up for those who call it home.

Inside, open floor plans, durable surfaces, high ceilings and expansive windows can be found in the units designed to unshackle the limitations of their occupants and to give them enough space to let their creative juices flow freely. Each unit is a space dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for artists to pursue their passion while also being able to afford the basic necessities of life. The development also features a community space where tenants can showcase their art in a variety of mediums from exhibits to performances. So, while Art-A-Whirl may only officially last a weekend for the masses, every day is Art-A-Whirl at Jackson Flats.

During Art-A-Whirl, the artist sanctuary will feature works from more than 10 artists, including drip and wash paintings from Jacob Eidem, the creation of quality, everyday items made from metal by Hans Early-Nelson, owner of Primitive Precision Metalcraft, sculptures from PenndraAnn that are created by repurposing discarded or abandoned materials and more. For a complete guide to every stop and artist, Art-A-Whirl's artist directory will have everything you're looking for. And be sure to check out our profiles on the whimsical Betty Danger's Country Club and fare-filled Food Building.

Artspace Jackson Flats
901 18 ½ Ave. N.E., Minneapolis 55418


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