“Aladdin” takes to the Orpheum Theatre stage and delivers “A Whole New World” of Broadway

All photos by Deen van Meer, courtesy of Hennepin Theatre Trust

Aladdin and Jasmine in "Aladdin"Get ready to be transported to the marketplace of Agrabah as the cast of the Broadway hit “Aladdin” takes center stage at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis from Sept. 15-Oct. 8. The show brings you back to hours spent watching the classic Disney film and adds a heaping of Broadway magic with transformative sets, intricate costumes, incredible dance numbers and more. If you're not a fan of over-the-top productions, this is not the show for you. The cast lights up the stage with literal fireworks, among other fantastic spectacles. It's enough to knock you right off your magic carpet.

The story follows a street-rat who, with the help of his friends Babkak, Omar and Kassim, get through life by stealing and escaping the palace guards. When Princess Jasmine's father demands she marry someone she doesn't love, she runs away to experience what life is like as a commoner. The unlikely pair meet, and Aladdin shows Jasmine “A Whole New World.” He must then figure out how to woo the princess with only three wishes from a genie to make it happen while getting trapped by the Sultan's evil advisor Jafar and his parrot-like sidekick Iago at every turn.

The Genie in "Aladdin"Sing along to your favorite tracks like “Prince Ali” and “Arabian Nights,” as well as a host of new songs. Some of the new tunes will make you laugh, like “High Adventure,” and others add a new emotional attachment to the iconic storyline, like in “Proud of Your Boy.” And the true showstopper: the Genie's mega-production number, “Friend Like Me,” that brought out all the stops from belting lyrics to a whirlwind of dance ensembles. (Spoiler Alert:) While the show leaves out our furry friends, Rajah and Abu, the new additions create a well-rounded production that balances comic interludes and action. Ideal for theater-goers of all ages, “Aladdin” is truly a show not to miss.


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