Where should I go during my six hour airport layover?

by | Sep 22, 2017

Well, the closest choice to while away time during a layover is to go to the Mall of America. I’m assuming you’re coming into our Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and both Terminals 1 and 2 have light rails underneath them that take you straight to the mall. (Here’s a map of the blue line light rail system.) As far as dining goes there, some of the places to try are TiGER SUSHi and Tucci Benucci. I personal enjoy some gimmick once in a while, and so I would put Bubba Gump Shrimp on your radar, too; the Rainforest Cafe is excellent if you have children. At Mall of America, shopping is on multiple floors with over 500 stores, and gaming and entertainment centers are throughout. My recommendation is definitely SEA LIFE Aquarium, but I love animals. 

If you don’t want to go to the Mall, I would still take the blue line but go north instead of south and get off at one or both of these stops: 50th St./Minnehaha or Nicollet Mall.

At 50th St./Minnehaha, wander around in Minnehaha Regional Park or take it up to Nicollet Mall for some walking around downtown. Minnehaha Park, of course, has its 53-foot waterfall, multiple gardens and historical sites, and the Sea Salt Eatery. (Be warned, though—the Sea Salt Eatery closes Oct. 22 for the season!) That would be my choice if the day were nice and I were going to get on a plane again.

At the Nicollet Mall stop and you’ll be on our pedestrian-focused area for shopping and dining. Local favorites for eating include Hen House Eatery, Hell’s Kitchen and Barrio, but if you want more ideas, click around our website some more or stop in at Minneapolis Visitor Information. As for the shopping, just look around on both the street level and the skyway! (As much as I love St. Paul, that involves a switch to the green line light rail, and that just takes a lot of time.) Just a couple of blocks away, you can swing by Hennepin Avenue for a look at First Avenue or, depending on when you come, a public tour of one of our theaters in the Hennepin Theatre Trust. You might enjoy doing an Urban Adventure Quest. I know it costs about $50 to get on your smartphone, but it will definitely get you walking around the heart of Minneapolis, too! (Actually, speaking of, one of the places they have on their Points of Interest list is U.S. Bank Stadium—they do tours there, and it might be fun to talk a walk around the largest completed construction project of the state (not to mention the home of the year’s Super Bowl).)

For some more ideas, check out our guide to attractions near the light rail. 

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