How do I get from the airport to the Megabus stop?

by | Jul 21, 2017

Good news if you are indeed using the Megabus company! The Minneapolis Megabus stop is right by Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play baseball. More importantly, Target Field has a light rail stop, so if you get on the METRO Blue Line that runs through our airport terminals and head toward downtown Minneapolis, you will only be a few blocks from the Megabus stop when you get off at the Target Field station. As far as getting from the airport to the light rail in the first place, I believe you should be able to enter the public parts of the airport and walk to the light rail section that is within the airport (see photo). The Megabus stop in Minneapolis is about two blocks of outside walking (see the Megabus Minneapolis page and the approximate route on Google Maps), and I believe the buses simply pull into an outdoor but covered transportation center. Another easy way to get from the airport to the Megabus station is to skip the light rail and the two blocks of walking and use our taxi services. Standard taxis are always in great supply around the airport (and the airport staff can help direct you to taxis if you ask), but you can also use taxi services like Uber and Lyft. For more information on how to get around the Twin Cities, check out our resource page. Safe travels! 


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