How bike-friendly are the Twin Cities?

by | Sep 7, 2016

We’re one of the most bike-friendly metros in the world, so strap on a helmet and get going! The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway encompasses 51 miles of walking and biking trails and surrounds the city of Minneapolis, offering gorgeous views of the City by Nature. The Midtown Greenway cuts through the city of Minneapolis just south of downtown all the way west to Uptown, linking visitors and locals alike to restaurants, museums, parks and more. Tons of bike-friendly lanes exist in Minneapolis and St. Paul, too, making it quite a haven for cyclists.

How Far is Canterbury Park from Bloomington?

The distance from Bloomington to Canterbury Park is approximately 12.5 miles. TRANSLATE OUR SITES Minnesota Monthly Midwest Home Magazine Official Visitors Guide: MSP Meeting & Planners Guide Twin Cities Living Where Twin Cities NEED HELP?...

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