Let the rhythm flow through you.

Fans of live music need not look any further. From festivals to venues, the Twin Cities are chock-full of tunes from every genre to serenade your spirit.


Outdoor Concert/Theatre Productions on August 11

Outdoor concert locations in the Twin Cities on August 11 include: Lake Harriet Band Shell: 4135 W Lake Harriet Parkway, Minneapolis, MN, 7:30 p.m. Minnehaha Park: 4801 S Minnehaha Drive, Minneapolis, 7 p.m.   TRANSLATE OUR SITES Minnesota Monthly...

Where is the best venue to see local bands?

7th Street Entry (the smaller counterpart of iconic First Avenue) is the place to see local bands shred, or groove, or rage… or whatever it is the kids are doing these days…

Where can I see Prince memorabilia and tributes?

There are a ton of spots in the Twin Cities where you can pay homage to the iconic musician. Head to The Electric Fetus in Uptown to browse an eclectic music collection just like Prince used to—he was a regular customer…

Where is the best local shop to buy music?

It’s a tie between Minneapolis’ Electric Fetus and St. Paul’s Agharta Records. Both have an eclectic smattering of music genres and artists, and they both have friendly and knowledgeable staff…

Where is the best place to hear live music?

One thing that just about all Twin Citizens can agree on is that First Avenue & 7th Street Entry, commonly referred to as “First Ave,” is our best venue for live music…


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