Every style of dance graces the many stages in and around the Twin Cities. Here are a few of our favorites.

Irish drummer performing at outdoor event

Irish Music Festival

Don't miss this great opportunity to attend the Irish Music Festival hosted by the Center for Irish Music this weekend at the Celtic Junction in St. Paul.

Dancers on stage against black background

Collide Theatrical Dance Co.

This dance company is well known for its varied performances that are rooted in classical musical theater-meets jazz dance style, bringing together area dancers, musicians and artists of all ages.

Cowles Center for Dance and The Performing Arts

The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts is at the heart of the Twin Cities’ thriving dance community. Home to the James Sewell Ballet Company and featuring performances by the Saint Paul Ballet, this lovingly renovated theater moved—literally—over 12 memorable days in 1999 from its former home to its current home on Hennepin Avenue.

See TV Show “World of Dance” Live

See local 14-year-old Eva Igo and many other contestants from TV’s “World of Dance” live at at the State Theatre, Oct. 26.

James Sewell Ballet Co.

James Sewell Ballet was the dream of Sally Rousse and James Sewell, two innovators who together re-imagined what a contemporary ballet company could look like: a chamber dance troupe that blends the elegance of classical ballet, the freedom of modern dance, and the can-do spirit of vaudeville.

Photo of people's dancing feet.

Open Dancing Venues and Lessons

If you have to get footloose, hop, stomp or waltz into the night at these dancing venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Kick off your Sunday shoes and grab your oxfords, cowboy boots or cha-cha heels for a heel-clicking good time.

Ragamala Dance Co.

Now in its 23rd season, Ragamala has been hailed by The New York Times as “soulful, imaginative and rhythmically contagious and shows how Indian forms can provide some of the most transcendent experiences that dance has to offer.”

Minneapolis city skyline at night, created by the Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival: 11 Days, 167 Theater Performances

Minnesota's largest theater festival spans across 17 Minneapolis theaters with over 800 total performances. We dare you to try to see them all!

TU Dance

Founded in 2004 by Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands in St. Paul, TU Dance is a leading voice for contemporary dance. The 12-member, professional company is acclaimed for its diverse and versatile artists, performing work that draws together modern dance, classical ballet, African-based and urban vernacular movements.

Zenon Dance Co.

One of North America’s premier repertory dance companies, Zenon commissions new works from talented emerging choreographers as well as internationally renowned masters, in order to continually drive the evolution of dance standards in Minnesota.


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