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Is your son or daughter an aspiring engineer? Or do they want to explore Minnesota's natural habitats? Or maybe they want to discover a world of patterns and designs? The Twin Cities have ample opportunities for kids to learn and grow—and have a great time while they're at it.

Minnesota Children's Museum

A space designed for inquisitive children, at the Minnesota Children’s Museum you won’t find any “do not touch” signs, and kids can discover Minnesota’s unique habitats up close. Imagination and fun collide in highly interactive exhibits.

child at The Works Museum during tech-fest

The Works Museum

With a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators, engineers and creative problem solvers, The Works Museum in Bloomington engages kids in science, technology and engineering—and the intersection of each—through hands-on exhibits that encourage interaction throughout the kid-friendly space.

View of downtown St. Paul skyline

Top 5 Things to Do in St. Paul

St. Paul, one half of Minnesota's sister cities, is brimming with historic landmarks, museums, parks, charming neighborhoods and more.


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