Lions & Tigers & Octopi Oh My!

Many know the state of Minnesota as the land of 10,000 lakes (there’s more than 11,000 actually), so it’s no surprise that we take natural habitats—and their inhabitants—seriously. Get an up-close-and-personal look at them all at two vastly different zoos and a world-class aquarium.

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

Minnesota’s oldest zoo houses more than 60 species, an outdoor music venue, and the beautiful Conservatory. This community zoo is just that—quaint enough to stroll through, yet big enough to see many exotic animals.

Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo offers a variety of exotic animals as well as daily feedings, demos and shows, such as the Tropical Reef Dive Show and the Monk Seal Demo.

Sea Life Aquarium at Mall of America

SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

Dive into, well not literally anyway, an underwater adventure by visiting SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium down in the belly of the Mall of America.

People observing art in an airy room in an art museum

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