For a stress-free transition, take advantage of the abundance of temporary housing options in the Twin Cities.

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While you’re waiting for your house to be built or for your family to join you, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of affordable temporary housing options for you within the Twin Cities. While you’re staying at one of these temporary locations, you can get a better feel for your new neighborhood before making a final decision on the location. And the best part is that these temporary housing options will still feel like home.
With the touches and conveniences of home, extended stay hotels and corporate suites across the Twin Cities and metro area offer fully furnished accommodations. There are even some amenities you may not be able to find in your permanent home like laundry delivery or plant sitters. One of the premier perks of long-term temporary housing is that oftentimes the longer you stay, the less expensive the rate.

The three main options for people looking for temporary housing are regular hotels, extended stay hotels and rental homes/apartments. And each one will be a great fit for a different person, so it’s best to start your search by evaluating what it is that you’re looking for in temporary housing. There are a lot of factors that could affect which type of temporary housing would best suit your needs. Will you be staying by yourself or do you need a larger place for your family? What is your price range? Do you want to live within the metro area or out in the suburbs? Are your pets joining you? Do you need weekly housekeeping?

These important questions are a great place to start, and many extended stay companies are available to help you figure out an accommodation to fit your needs.

If a short-term stay is all you need, regular hotels are the best option. Most are full-service with daily or weekly housekeeping, exercise rooms and pools, and there are often small stores or restaurants nearby as well. The downside of staying in hotels is that they can be quite taxing on your budget if you plan on staying for a long period of time.

If you need to stay somewhere for a longer-term setting, extended-stay hotels can provide comforts like fully equipped kitchens and amenable living spaces. Most extended-stay accommodations also do not have long-term leases, and there is no need to work out temporary utilities.

Those with families may find themselves most comfortable in rental homes or apartments. For most of these, you will still need to sign a lease or arrange for utilities. However, these leases can range from short term like month-to-month leases or even three- or six-month agreements. There are plenty of apartment search services available throughout the Twin Cities and online to help you locate a suitable place before you head to Minnesota.

With a range of resources within the Twin Cities to help you make your move, you have no need to worry. National Corporate Housing provides a customizable list of different corporate housing throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Their website allows you to search by number of bedrooms and bathrooms and helps you determine how close or far away from the city you want to live. All apartments come fully furnished, and the leases can be short- or long-term. The advanced searching options let you select what type of parking, pet-friendliness, laundry and recreation options best suit your needs.

Other valuable relocation resources are Edina Realty and RE/MAX. Each staff is kept up to date on real estate trends in the Twin Cities area with conferences and ongoing educational opportunities. Their relocation services make it easy to find properties in the area, or they can help you move with a corporation. They can provide you with temporary housing options or give you community profile information for different neighborhoods. Their professional real estate consultants can provide more information on cost of living and school comparisons in different areas, and they can create a personal profile for you to find the best realtor for your needs.


Business NameLocationsPhoneWebsite
Candlewood SuitesOne metro
Country Inn & Suites by CarlsonSeveral metro
Courtyard by MarriottSeveral metro
Edina RealtySeveral metro
ExecuStaySeveral metro
Extended Stay AmericaSeveral metro
Hilton Homewood SuitesSeveral metro
LivINN HotelsThree metro
Oakwood WorldwideSeveral metro
Residence Inn by MarriottSeveral metro
SpringHill Suites by MarriottSeveral metro
Staybridge SuitesSeveral metro
Temporary VIP SuitesSeveral metro
TownePlace Suites by MarriottSeveral metro


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