With multiple locations throughout the metro, a place of worship is never far from home.

The range of denominations within Christianity is vast. Do you prefer traditional services and hymns, or is a theater-infused service with a rock band more your style? There are seemingly never-ending possibilities. With six campuses throughout the Twin Cities, Eagle Brook Church is one of the largest non-denominational houses of worship in the area. For a smaller, non-denominational congregation there’s Mill City Church, aptly named for its location in the Minneapolis neighborhood. This church has several groups that meet outside the regular Sunday morning service to volunteer at local food shelves and homeless shelters and build relationships with members of the community. Zion Lutheran Church is also a smaller congregation in Minneapolis, holding regular Sunday services with a range of musical talent and instruments. Zion hosts a Recovery Worship service on Wednesdays for those struggling with addiction, mental health issues, grief or loss. For services in American Sign Language and for the deaf community, there are churches all over the Twin Cities, including Bread of Life Deaf Lutheran Church in Minneapolis and Deaf Life Church in St. Paul. Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Edina Community Lutheran Church, Good Samaritan United Methodist Church and The House of Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Paul are several LGBTQ-friendly congregations.

People from all over the world have come to the Twin Cities to live, and they have brought their unique faith traditions with them. Ebenezer Community Church in Brooklyn Park has a large number of Liberians, and the congregation at First Karen Baptist Church in Oakdale is home to many Burmese refugees. With the largest population of Hmong-Americans outside Southeast Asia, St. Paul is home to the largest Hmong Christian church in the country. St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church, located in Maplewood, has services in Hmong and English.


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