Since the induction of the Hindu Society of Minnesota in 1978, the Hindu population in the Twin Cities has grown by leaps and bounds.

After years of meeting in homes and repurposed church buildings, the Hindu Society of Minnesota was established in 1978. Since then, the Hindu population in the Twin Cities has grown significantly. Perhaps the prime illustration of that growth was the erection of Hindu Mandir, a 43,000-square-foot temple located in Maple Grove. Hindu Mandir, or Hindu Temple of Minnesota, sits on 20 acres with a Prayer Hall and 21 shrines and serves as a place of joy for Hindus not only in Minnesota but in surrounding states as well. Another Hindu temple with weekly services and Hindu celebrations is the Minnesota Hindu Dharmic Sabha Vishnu Mandir, located in Minneapolis. MHDS Vishnu Mandir was established in 1985 and now serves as a religious home to around 100 families.


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