Catholic services can be found throughout the metro, with cornerstones being the Basilica of Saint Mary and the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

Just over 20 percent of Minnesotans are Catholic. A cornerstone of the Catholic faith in Minneapolis for more than a century, the Basilica of Saint Mary stands as a landmark and has an active faith community. In addition to regular services, the basilica is open during daytime hours as a quiet place for individuals to practice their faith. Minneapolis is also home to a cathedral with roots that trace back to 1887. St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral is located in northeast Minneapolis and has weekly services, missions groups and small groups, and music ensembles that members are encouraged to join. A recent renovation enhanced the space with inspiring iconography, refreshing this place of worship. On the other side of the river, the Cathedral of Saint Paul is a popular tourist attraction, an architectural point of interest and a house of worship—not just for American Catholics, either. In 2012 the Cathedral merged with the Saint Vincent de Paul Church to serve the Hmong-American community. Language proves no barrier in Minnesota’s Catholic community: Within the Archdiocese of Saint Paul, parishes serve members of the Latino, Korean, French, Filipino and Vietnamese communities with masses in each respective language.


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