The Twin Cites represent many religious traditions, meaning you will find a church home no matter what your faith

Image by Jim Varian/Greenspring Media

Twin Cities residents express a diversity of faith traditions, and for those that hold their spirituality as a fundamental piece of their lives, this is the perfect place to be. Finding a community to worship and have fellowship with is made easy with congregations representing more than a dozen faith traditions.

In its most recent Religious Landscape Study, Pew Research Center reports that 46 percent of Minnesotans are religious or view religion as an important aspect of their lives. In the Twin Cities alone there are more than a dozen faith traditions represented by places of worship and members.

While our Twin Cities were once dominated by European immigrants with roots in Protestantism, we now have a multi-ethnic and multi-religious backdrop that continues to grow each year. Take, for example, the rise of St. Paul’s Hmong-American population, which now exceeds 80,000. With Christian, Buddhist and shamanistic influences, Hmong religious traditions encapsulate the versatile faith journey that the Twin Cities appears to be on. This diversity assures that anyone moving to the area will find a faith family.



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