All aboard! Here are the top destinations along the Metro Transit Green Line

By Kyle Smelter

Two trains diverged in a sprawling metropolis, and I could not travel both. Two trains diverged in a sprawling metropolis, and I took the one… to St. Paul. When Metro Transit built their Blue Line, residents and visitors alike applauded the ease at which they were able to zip from downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America—or vice-versa. This experiment in public transportation was so successful in fact, they decided to include St. Paul in all the fun. Introducing the Blue Line’s younger sister, the Metro Transit Green Line.

Just like Robert Frost’s famous The Road Not Taken poem, the Metro Transit Green Line meets up with its older sibling in downtown Minneapolis before each travel back to their respective destinations in the opposite direction—the Blue Line to Mall of America, and the Green Line to downtown St. Paul.

During its journey from Target Field to Union Station in St. Paul—or from Union Station to Target Field—the Metro Transit Green Line choo choo’s its way to 23 stops on its way to the finish line. Out of those 23, we’ve outlined the top destinations along the Metro Transit Green Line.


Students posing for a photo with Goldy Gopher at a University of Minnesota football game. Just one of the many stops along the Metro Transit Green Line.

Image by Christopher Mitchell

University of Minnesota
“Minnesota, hats off to thee! To thy colors, true we shall ever be. Firm and strong, united are we. Rah! Rah! Rah! for Ski-U-Mah, Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! for the U of M.” The first stop on the Metro Transit Green Line after leaving downtown will bring you to the land of maroon and gold where there’s always a sporting event to cheer at, a production to see or an art gallery to scope out. Head over to TCF Bank Stadium in the fall and join the rest of the Gopher faithful for a football game where the atmosphere is truly electric.


Outside the Xcel Energy Center at dusk. One of the many stops along the Metro Transit Green Line.

Image by Matthew Deery/flickr

Xcel Energy Center
Part home for the Minnesota Wild, part state high school tournament arena and part concert venue, the Xcel Energy Center is just a short walk from the Central Station stop. And riding the Metro Transit Green Line enables riders to skip the pre- and post-show congestion, say “goodbye” to steep parking prices outside the arena, and guarantees those who stay for a little added fun a safe ride back to their final destination.


A variety of vegetables for sale at the Hmongtown Marketplace. One of the stops along the Metro Transit Green Line.

If global food is the name of your game, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop in this St. Paul neighborhood. Over the years, Frogtown has evolved into a melting pot for authentic fare from around the world, including Asian (Cambodian, Thai, Laotian, Hmong, Vietnamese and Chinese-American) supermarkets and farmers markets, African breads, spices and cuisine, and Mexican carnicerías (meat markets). Stop by the Hmongtown Marketplace on the corner of Como Avenue and Marion Street on the weekends for a taste of Southeast Asia, and some of the freshest fruits and vegetables your taste buds can find.


Players and the crowd standing for the National Anthem before a Saints game at CHS Field, which is one of the stops on the Metro Transit Green Line.

Image by Christy Radecic

CHS Field
Play ball! Home of the St. Paul Saints, the Summer Beer Dabbler, concerts and movie nights, CHS Field truly is a field of dreams. If you’re lucky, you might even spot funny man and co-owner of the Saints, Bill Murray, roaming the stands or working the ticket booth. We know what you’re thinking, there’s has to be a catch to all this awesomeness. You’re partly right, because available parking in the area leaves something to be desired. But the good news is you can hop on the Metro Transit Green Line for a one-way ticket to the gates of the stadium. So there really isn’t a catch after all (other than the one’s taking place on the field, ba dum tss).


The facade of the Minnesota State Capitol on a sunny day. One of the many stops one can walk to from the Metro Transit Green Line.

Image by Dan Oldre

Minnesota State Capitol
The marble exterior, the proud, golden horses—also known as the Quadriga (put that one in the memory bank for a trivia night)—keeping watch on top, and a field trip staple to those who grew up in the area can only add up to one place, the Minnesota State Capitol. The cornerstone for Minnesota politics, the Capitol has truly been a sight to behold since its doors opened in the early 1900s—inside and out. For starters, the ornate dome is the second largest unsupported marble dome (second only to Saint Peter’s Basilica, the building which the Capitol was modeled after) in the world, and the inside could easily be mistaken for a museum with its intricate design and historic paintings adorning the walls.

But the last century and that famous unpredictable Minnesota weather haven’t been kind to this marvel. So in 2013, the Capitol began a $310 million repair and restoration project—the largest preservation effort since its inception—to return it to its former grandeur. Visitors won’t have to wait too much longer, however, as the project is expected to be completed in August 2017. And in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, a grand opening celebration will be held August 11-13, so visitors can party like it’s 1905.

For more light rail fun, be sure to check out our top destinations along the Metro Transit Blue Line.


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