A longtime resident of the community, the Food Building will house works from more than 10 artists during Art-A-Whirl 2017

Image courtesy of Tom Brossart (Food Building)

By Kyle Smelter

The 22nd annual Art-A-Whirl will blanket Northeast Minneapolis in a kaleidoscope of color May 19-21. All throughout the neighborhood, talented local artists will be showing off their latest and greatest creations at breweries, studios, galleries and various brick-and-mortar establishments, and we here at Visit Twin Cities thought it would be a good idea to provide some background into the lives and histories of each of these art-filled stops, so visitors and enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the city’s history and creative genius all at the same time.

Food Building

Food. You know it, you need it, you (sometimes) love it. In a city where you can find an award-winning restaurant cooking up delicious edibles on almost every corner, you can also find a place that makes it possible for eateries such as these to continue to serve up mouth-watering fare plate after plate—the Food Building. This longtime (100+ years) Northeast Minneapolis resident has seen a lot in its lifetime. More recently, it’s seen one of its tenants, The Lone Grazer Creamery, close its doors. Today, it’s the base of operations for Red Table Meat Co., a salumi producer co-founded by Mike Phillips that sources its meat from local, sustainable farms, and Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, a small-scale grain mill headed by Steve Horton of Rustica Bakery that uses stone milling to create naturally leavened breads. If you ever want to see all of the TLC that goes into the production of these beloved bites, you can walk, bike, bus or drive yourself there for either a self-guided or guided ($15 per person and includes a tasting) tour.

At this year’s festival, the Food Building will play host to works from more than 10 artists, including drawings from Kate Burbach, paintings from Susan Davies, printmaking from The Bitter Buffalo and more. For a complete guide to every building and artist, Art-A-Whirl’s artist directory will have everything you are looking for.

Class dismissed.

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