A fanciful and local favorite, Betty Danger’s Country Club will play host to more than 10 artists for Art-A-Whirl 2017

By Kyle Smelter

The 22nd annual Art-A-Whirl will blanket Northeast Minneapolis in a kaleidoscope of color May 19-21. All throughout the neighborhood, talented and local artists will be showing off their latest and greatest creations at breweries, studios, galleries and various brick-and-mortar establishments, and we here at Visit Twin Cities thought it would be a good idea to provide some background into the lives and histories of each of these art-filled stops so visitors and enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the city’s history and creative genius all at the same time.

If you’ve ever driven through Northeast Minneapolis, chances are you’ve seen people delightfully sipping Ivy League-inspired cocktails while riding a green Ferris wheel studded with pink neon lights, otherwise known as “The Danger.” Betty Danger’s Country Club comes to us from the mind of Leslie Bock, the same visionary responsible for the wildly popular and kitschy Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge (less than a mile down the road from Betty Danger’s) and the ink-filled Saint Sabrina’s, a tattoo parlor in Uptown. But The Danger is just one of two major amenities at this country club for the 99 percent. The other? An 8 ½-hole (yes, half) miniature golf course. And if the number of holes alone weren’t enough to let you know this isn’t your typical course, the obstacles sure will. Players on this whimsical course stroke, putt and chance their way around Betty’s collection of frolicking imaginary pets, including a plaid cow, an oblivious ostrich, a camel who doesn’t care if he/she (were not really sure) is making it harder for you to play the game and more.

For those of us keeping score so far, we have mini golf and a standout attraction. The third and final ingredient in this recipe for success is food and brew. Tying the country club experience together, Betty Danger’s serves Tex-Mex cuisine alongside Ivy League and preppy-inspired margaritas and cocktails, such as Dartmouth (Reposado tequila, Fresno peppers and fresh cucumber), Wheaton (Patron Blanco, fresh lime, Grand Marnier and pink salt) and Tennis (gin and handmade tonic).

During Art-A-Whirl, this little slice of fancy will also house the creativity of more than 10 artists, including drawings from a la DANG; mixed media works by Hannah Haugberg, creator of Bored Only Child; whimsical and sarcastic photographs of the doll who became a cultural icon by Nicole Houff and more. For a complete guide to every building and artist, Art-A-Whirl’s artist directory will have everything you are looking for. And take a look at our other Art-A-Whirl building profiles, including the Food Building.

Betty Danger’s Country Club
2501 Marshall St. N.E., Minneapolis

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