Tour the Twin Cities’ hottest coffee shops.

You won’t have trouble staying energized during this weekend. Sip delicious coffee from local roasters, see historic parts of the Cities and learn about the roasting process all within a few days of highly caffeinated fun.
Bartender pouring a pint of Dangerous Man beer at the brewery

Image by TJ Turner/Minnesota Monthly


7 p.m.

To start your weekend off on the right note, head to Dangerous Man Brewing Co. in Northeast Minneapolis for a pint of their deliciously smooth, equal parts sweet and bitter coffee porter. Dark chocolate and coffee mingle together in this dark brew that elevates your average cup of joe to the tap line.



Today involves a fair amount of walking and standing, so fuel and caffeinate well at Nina’s Coffee Cafe (pronounced “Nye-na’s” by those in the know) in St. Paul’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood. Housed in the 1887-built Angus Hotel, Nina’s is the cozy epitome of a coffeehouse with overstuffed couches, intimate tables and a tarty history—it’s named for the woman who ran a nearby brothel in the late 19th century. And it’s not just the storied past that draws visitors here: tasty, locally sourced eats fill the food menu and freshly baked muffins, scones, croissants and more fill the bakery case. Oh, and the coffee doesn’t disappoint either.

Grab a cup to go and head outside to explore Cathedral Hill. As one of the Cities’ oldest neighborhoods, where James J. Hill built his mansion and F. Scott Fitzgerald spent his early years, Cathedral Hill offers charm and turn-of-the-century elegance in spades. Its heart is the stretch of Selby Avenue that lies in the shadow of the Cathedral of St. Paul, packed with picturesque Victorian houses plus shops and restaurants tucked into transformed brownstones.


Want to learn more about that cup of coffee in your hands? Visit the Peace Coffee roaster located just west of Cathedral Hill for an in-depth tour of the roasting process. After seeing the operation and learning about the way coffee is made, participate in a formal cupping process to test your taste buds. Do you taste the delicate floral flavors, the toasted almonds and lightly charred toast? The experience is sure to make you a coffee-tasting expert. Reservations are required.

Tired from being in class, you’re ready for a hearty meal at a local favorite. Named for its unconventional service style, The Bad Waitress is a fun spot to grab a bite to eat with a side of sass. Trust us, it’s fun and delicious.


After a late lunch, head to the Linden Hills neighborhood in South Minneapolis for a delicious treat at Sebastian Joe’s. Order the affogato ice cream with espresso to witness the beautiful union of coffee and ice cream.

Sebastian Joes Ice Cream Cafe Neon Sign



Finish your weekend off with breakfast and coffee at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. Though there are limited tables and areas to stand (especially after church on a Sunday morning) each signature waffle creation is as good or better than the next. And they have fresh-brewed Dogwood coffee and an espresso bar not to shake a stir stick at.


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