Wanted Dead or Alive Murder Mystery at Old Spaghetti Factory

by | Apr 20, 2018

It was Colonel Mustard in the library with a wrench! Wait, no, the candlestick! Like a real version of the popular board game Clue, murder mystery dinners put participants in the middle of a real life whodunit.

Put on by The Murder Mystery Co., Wanted Dead or Alive at Minneapolis’ Old Spaghetti Factory invites those with a taste for sleuthing and conundrums to a fully-immersive show where costumed actors explain the rules, assign roles, and provide the clues necessary for the audience to work together to sniff out the identity of murderer and their motive as they dine on a multi-course meal.

For those looking for more on what to expect, the dinner will be split up into three acts.

Act 1

This is where the setup will happen. Participants will be given characters as they dine on a salad or appetizer, and the crime will occur (or will have already occurred before the show begins).

Once the scene is set, it’s time for the first investigation session where guests are allowed to mingle, question the suspects and work on completing the goals that will (hopefully) lead them down the path of discovering the true identity of the murderer.

Act 2

More details about the mystery will be revealed in this portion of the dinner. Actors may also start to put participants’ feet to the fire in this act by asking them to provide evidence for their innocence.

After the second act, a second investigation period will take place. This will give participants a chance to complete a new set of goals or continue to narrow down their list of suspects.

Act 3

This is where the excitement comes to a head. The team will be given one last opportunity to hash out who they believe is the wolf in sheep’s clothing among them. Dessert will also be served in this portion, and for one person, it may be their last.

After the third act, guests will submit their guesses and the actors will wrap the show up by revealing who the true criminal is as well as their motivation.

If you think you have the necessary private eye skills, sign up for any of their shows on May 24, and June 7 and 28. And good luck.

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