Which sports facilities are best for spectators?

by | Sep 13, 2016

The recently built U.S. Bank Stadium can’t be beat if you’re looking for the best place to watch a game of football. Twice the size of its predecessor, the Metrodome, the stadium boasts 66,200-72,000 seats (the number can change depending on the event), VIP club lounges, up to 95-foot-high glass doors that pivot to create a simultaneously indoor-outdoor experience, and 2,000 video screens throughout making it impossible to miss any of the action.

What Are Some Fun Things to do for a Guys Football Trip?

The Twin Cities are loaded with activities for a guy's weekend. The metro is home to more than 40 breweries, including the lauded and award-winning Surly Brewing Co. in Prospect Park. Metro Transit's Blue and Green Lines will also bring you to downtown Minneapolis and...

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