Where can I see Prince memorabilia and tributes?

by | Sep 1, 2016

There are a ton of spots in the Twin Cities where you can pay homage to the iconic musician. Head to The Electric Fetus in Uptown to browse an eclectic music collection just like Prince used to—he was a regular customer. You can also see the bright orange outfit he wore on his 1987 “Sign o’ the Times” tour at the Hard Rock Cafe located in Mall of America®. And don’t leave out First Ave, where Prince performed regularly and set his movie, Purple Rain. The one that tops them all is Paisley Park, Prince’s longtime residence and recording studio in Chanhassan. The somewhat mysterious complex is now the site of fan tributes and gifts to the beloved figure. While public tours are not currently being offered, plans are in the works to make that a possibility in the future.

Where is the best venue to see local bands?

7th Street Entry (the smaller counterpart of iconic First Avenue) is the place to see local bands shred, or groove, or rage… or whatever it is the kids are doing these days…

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