What is your ethnic food scene like?

by | Sep 1, 2016

The Twin Cities is a collage of cultures and it reflects in our food scene. Check out Eat Street, a 17-block stretch of authentic cuisine that ranges from German and Greek to Thai and Taiwanese. (The actual road is Minneapolis’ Nicollet Avenue.) The Midtown Global Market is a conglomerate of diverse shops and restaurants, and the Hmongtown Marketplace is an enormous hub for Hmong fare and fresh produce.

What breweries are close by to the Minneapolis Marriott West?

While there are none in the immediate area. The closest ones include: • LTD Brewing • Steel Toe Brewing • Utepils Brewing • LynLake Brewery As you get closer and closer to Minneapolis and St. Paul, the number increases exponentially. Some of our favorites are: • Surly...

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