Where can you get some good food and beer?

by | Jul 21, 2017

I won’t lie—I’m struggling with how to answer this because we have so many great craft breweries in the Twin Cities (if you don’t believe me, one of our staff is putting together brewery biking tours, and had to start capping off breweries since there were more than 50), and we have such good food. For instance, today I learned that Minneapolis is the 23rd best city for dining, according to Thrillist
My guess is you want your food and beer together, so while I will definitely advocate for our fantastic food trucks that stop by most taprooms, here are some places where the beer and the food are served hand in hand:
  • Red Cow (it's a local chain because we couldn't get enough of it from just one location)
  • Butcher and the Boar (if that doesn't say mouth-watering protein dishes and a beer garden, I don't know what does)
  • The Happy Gnome (89 beers on tap, a featured brewery of the month, and locally-sourced Midwestern food that's casual yet upscale at the same time)
  • Hen House Eatery (besides their fresh cuisine and all day breakfast options, they have a long list of small bites to go perfectly with their long list of beers)
  • Haute-Dish (sweet, sassy, savory and salty food hits any craving, and the entrees are beautiful to look at)
  • Icehouse Mpls (perfect if you're considering expanding your beer to include other libations or if want live music as you sip) 

I know I wrote a bit more about the food than the beer at these places, but trust me: The beer will satisfy, so it really does matter what you want to eat with it.

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