Where can my husband and I stay that has a lot of dining and art experiences?

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Tales From the Road

I have three different places I’m thinking of: Eat Street, Uptown, and Northeast.
Eat Street (approximately 13 blocks of restaurants) definitely hits the highest for food and, depending on how you judge quantity versus quality, lowest on the art gallery. Its big bonus in that department: The end of Eat Street hits the free Minneapolis Institute of Art, which is our largest art museum. Mia has art from every period, around the world, and it doesn’t charge admission. The only place they do is for their traveling exhibit. If you’re coming in fall 2017, its pay exhibit is called Eyewitness Views: Making History in 18th Century Europe, which is a collection of paintings that immortalized historic events. It’s worth mentioning that the Walker Art Museum, about a mile or so away from Mia, is home to the restaurant Esker Grove, which is run by Doug Flicker, whom has been getting a lot of love from our local food critics. The area doesn’t strike me as the biggest place for shopping, but I also know the least about that. Here are some links about it to give you a general feel of the area: Meet MinneapolisStar Tribune (all focused on the food)
There aren’t a ton of hotels around this area, but if you get one by the outskirts of Minneapolis, by the Minneapolis Convention Center/Mia, that’ll get you pretty close. Here are some places I found but personally have never stayed at: Minneapolis Hostel, Millennium Hotels, Hyatt Regency, and Minnestay. The latter has multiple locations, including Uptown, which is later on the list. 
Northeast would be my pick if you’re a small-art-gallery-type person. The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association would be able to tell you more about that side of things more than I ever could, but suffice it to say, it’s called the Arts District. Northeast has nice shopping and dining; I would just say the dining is less concentrated than Eat Street. Here’s a link to their Northeast Minneapolis website and a small blurb we did on it
While Northeast is a bit closer to downtown, if you actually wanted to stay nearer to Northeast, you could try Nicollet Island Inn or even Leblanc House Bed & Breakfast
Uptown may have the most balanced mix (although I’m sure people who live in the heart of Eat Street and Northeast might disagree—I hail from a northern suburb). With places like coup d’etat, Barbette, Origami and Stella’s Fish Cafe, they have the dining, and it’s a quaint area to shop around at. As far as art goes, they have a couple of galleries like Soo Visual Arts Center and Intermedia Arts (plus some small half-shop-with-art places), but they might even have more theaters like Jungle Theater, Phoenix Theater, HUGE Improv Theater, and more. (Take a look at their association’s members; it includes a good sampling of what’s around. Here’s our take on Uptown as well!)
As far as hotels go, since Eat Street is near Uptown, I’d probably refer you to the same list. 
Hope this helps a bit! 

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